About Tash-Rabat Caravansaray

Feel the risk of the ancient Silk Road trade at Tash Rabat. This caravansaray was built by stones on the 15th century and sits at 3,200 m. Originally built as a Nestorian monastery in the 10th century on the road from Bishkek to Torugart Pass, today Tash-Rabat is one of the most popular places among travelers. This sheltered trading stopover has 31 dome-shaped rooms made of crushed stone on clay mortar with gypsum mortar in sealing joints. As in Song-Kol lake here you can experience sleeping at the local shepherd’s yurt, take horse treks or hikes into the mountains that surround the caravansaray. Tash-Rabat should be a perfect part of your trip in the area. Let’s visit Tash-Rabat with KYRGYZ RIDERS travel company.