Address Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek 0312456789


Where is your office?

Our office is in Kochkor town (200km from Bishkek) in Naryn province.

From Bishkek, how do I get to Kochkor?

There are some public transport between Bishkek and Kochkor such as shared taxi and minibus known as ‘marshrutka’.In order to find these transports you should go to Western bus station in Bishkek.  The transports are available from 9AM to 4PM. Also, our company organize private vehicles from any point of the country to Kochkor.

Do you accept payment in Euro, US Dollar or Kyrgyz som?

We accept all these currencies. Please, make sure that EURO and USD should in a good quality.

Are there any ATM banks in Kochkor / Where can I exchange my money?

Yes, there are several ATM banks in Kochkor. You can exchange money at banks in Kochkor.

I am not experienced horse rider or ride first time, is it not difficult?

Majority of our travelers are not experienced horse riders or ride first time here. First of all, It depends on a professional kills of the guide and horses you ride. Our horses are calm and easy to manage.

Where can I leave my luggage during the trip?

We recommend you to take only needed stuff, as it may be difficult for the horses you ride.  Rest of the stuff you can leave either at our office or at the guest house where you stay.

During the trip will I carry my backpack myself?

We provide a special bags for your backpacks and put on the guide’s saddle.

What kind of equipment do you provide for horse riding?

Our company Kyrgyz Riders provides equipment such as helmets, special bags for backpacks and raincoat. From these equipment we highly recommend you to take helmets, it’s very important for your safety. We do not take an extra payment for the equipment.

I am vegetarian, it is possible to have vegetarian meals?

Years ago it was very  interesting and curious to meet vegetarian people, but now families in yurt stays know vegetarianism very well and pleasantly surprise you with their vegetarian meals.

Do I need sleeping bag for my trip?

Yes, you can take sleeping bag, however during our trips you will stay at yurt camps so sleeping bags are needed not so much. Moreover, at yurts there are warm blankets and heaters.

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